Sell your business on social media (Business Northumberland)

Yesterday I attended another very helpful half-day course in Hexham, run by Business Northumberland ( This time the subject was selling with social media such as instagram and facebook, and the tutor was Katherine Briggs. There were 16 businesses attending, some of whom were even newer to the social media world than I am, so for the first time, I felt as if I have moved slightly up the ladder of digital marketing knowledge! So in the months ahead there will be some more changes and development to this website, with new products becoming available – mainly new greeting card and designs, and prints.

WordPress workshop, Business Northumberland

Another great session this week in a Business Northumberland workshop on wordpress with John Allan. These fully funded workshops are invaluable in helping small businesses develop their range of skills in many areas asuch as digital marketing. As a relative newcomer to this topic, I now realise how much there is to learn but I hope the benefits will be added to this website in the months ahead. Meanwhile, it’s worth taking a look at if you want to receive expert advice and tuition for your business development. And they also provide great lunches!

Hextol Foundation

The run up to Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for many businesses, and I am fortunate to have the Hextol Greenbox (part of Hextol Foundation) to do the large amount of packing needed to prepare my Seasons of Northumberland calendars,  and Northumberland Winter Christmas cards ready for sale every year. Hextol Foundation is ‘an independent charitable company, based in Hexham, which gives a sense of purpose to people who are learning disabled or who have mental ill-health by helping them develop their skills and confidence through work and personal achievement that creates a positive transformation in the quality of their lives’. Under the guidance of  chief executive Chris Milner, the Hextol Foundation provides an invaluable service for many businesses in this region, covering jobs such as packing, decorating, gardening and catering. Thank you to everyone at Hextol Foundation!

Photo by Roger Clegg